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If you are having repeated car problems and can’t seem to keep your car out of the repair shop, the Pennsylvania Lemon Law could be your saving grace.  Consumers in Pennsylvania who own vehicles that have repeated warranty repairs might be able to seek relief under the Pennsylvania lemon law.  While motorcycles, motor homes, and off-road vehicles are not covered under the law, they may be covered under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, also known as the “federal lemon law.” Our Pennsylvania Lemon Law attorney will assess the facts of your situation to determine which lemon law applies and what type of relief you could expect to receive.

While lemon law specifics can vary from state to state, the Pennsylvania Lemon Law applies to most new cars purchased / leased either in or out of the state, and registered in Pennsylvania.  Under the law, the car must have a substantial defect that decreases the car’s resale value, makes the car unsafe to drive, or impacts the normal functions of the vehicle.  If any of these problems is happening to your car, the manufacturer must fix your car’s problems at no cost to you so long as any of the following provisions are met:

  • Within the first 12 months after you purchase the vehicle.
  • Before you reach 12,000 miles
  • While the express warranty is still valid

If your car’s problems have not been fixed after a reasonable number of attempts to repair (generally that number is 3), or if your vehicle is out of service for a total of 30 days or more, you may be eligible to file a claim under the Pennsylvania Lemon Law.

The Lemon Law Attorneys will help you navigate through all the specifics of the law(s) that may be relevant to your specific car problems. Because of the complexities and the multiple laws involved, it takes a skilled Lemon Law attorney to understand all the possible options that are available to the consumer.  Even if you think your car does not qualify, or if your dealer has told you that your car is not a lemon, you may still have options under the “federal lemon law.”  The consumer is protected vigorously from defective products and our Pennsylvania Lemon Law attorney can help determine if you have a valid claim.

Pennsylvania’s automobile lemon law is designed to protect you from being financially burdened by being stuck in a bad vehicle.  Not only does the law provide the possibility of recovering cash damages, or even a new or replacement vehicle, The Lemon Law Attorneys will use the laws, as written, to seek payment for all legal fees and costs directly from the manufacturer.  Win or lose, we will never bill you for any services we provide!

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